Alumni Return to Teach Current Pilots about College Life | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Alumni Return to Teach Current Pilots about College Life

On January 7, recent alumni visited campus before returning for spring term to share their college experiences with our students. Alumni fielded student questions about everything from how to select a school to the importance of seeking out resources for academic support once you’re in college, reaching beyond your social comfort zone to make new friends, the experience of dorm life and even the value of gaining work experience while you’re in school.

Many thanks to the following alumni who returned to campus to provide valuable insight and advice to our students as they consider their own schools of choice:

Lydia Hall, Purdue University
Crystal Lee, University of California, Berkeley
Tia Gangopadhyay, University of California, Berkeley
Nigel Duniven, University of San Francisco
Lena Jennings, Loyola Marymount
Justin Deierling, Gonzaga University
Emily Stott, Chico State University
Carlos Rodriguez, College of Alameda
Will Keane, St. Edward's University
Kevin Pardo, Loyola Marymount University
This year’s seniors have applied to approximately 170 different colleges and universities in and beyond California. Class of '15 members have already earned admission to a wide variety of schools including:

University of California, Riverside
Santa Clara University
Dominican University of California
Loyola Marymount University 
Washington State University 
University of Oregon
Seton Hall University
St. Louis University
University of Portland