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AP Gov Students Focus on the Media

Kevin Keane, SF Chronicle

Student journalist Katherine Hanover ’14 reports on a visit to her AP Gov class by newspaper editor Kevin Keane, who talked with the students about government and the media. Student photographer Mikio Akima ’14 photographed the speaker.

By Katherine Hanover ‘14

Advanced Placement Government students heard about the changing face of the media, especially in the area of journalism, from guest speaker Kevin Keane, an editor for the San Francisco Chronicle. He described the fundamentals of journalism and explained the idea of “fair play,” a tenant journalists follow to include multiple perspectives and give balance in their published articles.

Journalism is “an aggressive pursuit of the truth,” Mr. Keane said, although newspapers are no longer the only forum for news, due in part to their shrinking economic conditions in the United States.Journalists continue to write about government, business and other news; however, it is published in a wide array of ways now, including on social media.

Students joined in the discussion and asked questions about journalism, the newspaper industry and online news. “I think Mr. Keane was very informative,” said Andrew Leong ’14. “His answers to a specific topic inspired new topics.”