Art Students Partner on Parish Directory | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Art Students Partner on Parish Directory

Five students from Pre-AP and AP Art classes partnered with St. Joseph Basilica parish to assist in designing the new parish directory. Justin Pasion ’16, Jason Tran ’16, Guadalupe Hurtado ’17, Ethan Schoefer ’17 and Jonathan Yannantuono ’17 helped with the directory’s rear cover and 17 themed pages relating to the parish history, ministries, schools, pastors, staff, and the Bishop and Pope.
Fr. Thi met with the students over several class periods in SJND’s digital arts lab. The art students worked with Fr. Thi much like a professional designer would work with a client, and learned how to hone their ideas to meet the project vision. Everyone cooperated to adjust their individual ideas to create a cohesive and thematic final product. The course instructor Mr. Mark Ritter provided support to structure the project, while Digital Art instructor Mr. Andy McKee offered detailed technical assistance to help the students effectively manage files in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

This service learning opportunity added a published work to the students’ artistic resumes, while connecting SJND’s esteemed visual arts program to the parish community. When the directory was complete, Fr. Thi brought print copies of the directory to class for a blessing ceremony. The ceremony included readings, prayers, a blessing, and refreshments to celebrate the completion of the good work.