Beatrice Levy ’18 Named 2017-2018 Poet Laureate | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Beatrice Levy ’18 Named 2017-2018 Poet Laureate

Congratulations to senior Beatrice Levy who was named SJND’s 2017-2018 Poet Laureate at PRISMS’ annual Evening of Readings and Music this past October.

English Workshop teacher Mrs. Norris noted that she’s had Levy in mind as a potential Poet Laureate since she taught her Levy’s 6th grade poetry workshop at St. Joseph Elementary School.

“Even then, she seemed to grasp nuances of words and images.  Her body of poetry is extraordinary,” Mrs. Norris explained

For Levy, that same workshop had an incredible impact on her writing.

“Before that workshop, I had just kept my writing attempts to myself,” Levy explained. “It really never occurred to me that my poetic thoughts would be anything that others would want to hear. But [Mrs. Norris’] workshop taught me the power of shared words. I realized that beautiful, precise wording creates a link between people, and I made it my goal to create more of those links.”

Levy tends to gravitate towards free-verse poetry, and likes to take a very tiny, distinct subject, like the smell of a favorite sweater, or the crooked shape of someone's smile, and explore that image on a deeper-scale.

“I love the compact precision of a really successful poem, the freedom I feel when I write, and the pleasure I get from expressing something that friends can relate to,” she said.

While her future plans are unwritten, Levy explained that she may pursue a career in the science or medical fields, but will continue to write.

“Poetry is a very flexible, portable art. I can write a poem almost anywhere.”