Broadway Star Constantine Maroulis Coaches SJND Actors | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Broadway Star Constantine Maroulis Coaches SJND Actors

On Saturday, January 24, SJND had the pleasure of welcoming to our campus Broadway star and American Idol finalist Constantine Maroulis and his brilliant music director Tyce Green. Constantine had learned about our success with last year’s musical and was excited to help our students with this year’s The Wedding Singer.

Constantine made his Broadway debut in the original cast of our spring musical The Wedding Singer and his feedback to our cast was invaluable. It was surreal to have Constantine and Tyce on our campus. From the moment Tyce walked in the room, he was raving about the diversity and professionalism of our cast. He shared that he had never seen anything like it at any other school. Constantine put it best: "These kids are the real deal!"

Constantine and Tyce spent two hours working with lead actors on their scenes and the ensemble cast on their character development, choreography and vocal technique. Senior Bianca de la Cruz said, "Constantine and his vocal director Tyce were so inspiring. My cast and I feel very appreciative to have been given the opportunity to work with such talented people. We cannot wait to take in their feedback and advice, and continue working hard towards an amazing production of The Wedding Singer!"

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