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Campus Life Team Ready to Lead

This summer, 33 of 42 members of SJND’s Campus Life Team attended the three-day National Teen Leadership Program held at Sacramento State University. The program seeks to challenge and empower young people by providing them with the skills and motivation necessary to positively impact their own lives and the lives of those in their communities. At the camp, students were split into groups of with students from across the United States and China. They attended leadership workshops on diversity, how the brain works, personality traits, and team building. They also completed a low ropes course and listened to motivational speakers at the camp. 

Led by SJND’s former librarian and new director of student life Jennifer Dlugosh, SJND student participants included Jessica Academia, Lea Akima Julia Courville, Toni Gadar, Alexandra OIlar, Ayesa Kearns, Scout Coberg, Savannah Fisher, Alex Fisher-Wagner, Emily Lara, Mikey Lee, Nicholas Sartini, James Bramble, Alissa Joy Brual, Sara Amare, Ormand Cooper, AJ Elfar, Bennison Flores, Alyssa Gable, Gregory Galvan, Rachel Hungerford, Meredith McMurray, Emily Prislin, Adam Reyes, Tania Ortiz-Rosales, Maya Rowell, Dalia Quezada, Aaron Ramos, Nathan Ramos, Isabel Reyes, Courtney Shojinaga, Alisa Snow and Emily Stehr. Several SJND students received awards for their service and academics—view the list of award recipients and learn more