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Get to Know SJND's New International Students

This school year, SJND welcomes four international students to the Pilot Family: William ’22 and Frank Chen ’21, both from China, as well as Binh Ngo ’20 and Bao Vo ’20, both of whom are from Vietnam. The students are the first to enroll in SJND’s newly-launched International Student Program.

William and Frank are cousins and will be living with their aunt in Alameda while they are enrolled at SJND. Both love to play music.

When asked about what he was most looking forward to about attending SJND, Frank explained his excitement to join the SJND band.

“I have wanted to join the band for a long time. I don’t have the opportunity to join a band back in China,” he said.

Binh and Bao, who are both living with host families during their time here, are looking forward to the educational resources and advantages of SJND. Binh described how easy access to the library, using the web to track homework and missing assignments and access to Wi-Fi will be helpful as a student.

Bao, who enjoys Math and Chemistry, is already feeling at home in SJND classes.

“It’s really a new experience for me because of the teaching ways,” he explained. “[The teachers] are really kind and pleased to help international students like me. As an international student, I feel so comfortable and confident when speaking up and asking any questions that I have in class.”

Bao is also excited about other aspects of his experience in the States.

“I stay here not only for studying but also for exploring the culture and the variety of American food. I love it all!”

Humanities teacher Ms. Dalane Bollinger is serving as the International Student Coordinator and will work closely with William, Frank, Binh and Bao during their time at SJND.

"The first few weeks have been busy, but our four students are now off and running.  They are getting to know each other, their classmates, and I've heard they are even helping some of their new peers with their classwork!  We are very excited to welcome them and are anxious to watch them set out on their new journey here at SJND," said Ms. Bollinger.

Please say hello to our new students and give them a big Pilot Welcome when you see them around campus!

Left to right: Binh Ngo, Bao Vo, William Chen and Frank Chen.