Great Courses, Amazing Teachers: New in 2014-15 | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Great Courses, Amazing Teachers: New in 2014-15

Mandarin Wendy Lee is teaching Mandarin I this year. On teaching the world's most widely spoken language, she shared "In addition to teaching the spoken and written language, I look forward to sharing Chinese culture, traditions, cuisine and current events to support my students' cultural education, too."

Coding Dr. Matt Jones is teaching Coding and Advanced Coding this year. He is inspired by innovations in coding and his students' potential: "Coding is being used for many applications and by younger people. It doesn't take long for students to learn it and make an impact."

Speech and Debate Trevor Anderson will lead SJND's Speech and Debate Club this year. Trevor hopes that through the club and competitions his students will become "better able to relate to their peers and superiors, learn research skills, and increase their confidence and ability to engage in conversation."

Faith in Action Sara Doughton will teach this new required course in which seniors will learn to effectively serve others with hands-on service projects that directly benefit the community. She hopes at the end of class students will "know the needs of the world, how they can help, and have joy in working for the good of their neighbors.