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Homecoming 2013: Welcoming Hundreds Back to SJND

Homecoming 2013

Mollie McFarland is SJND’s new alumni relations director, and here she talks about her first SJND Homecoming, which included soccer and basketball games and a big party on the Quad last month.

My recollection of high school homecomings is that they typically consist of high school students participating in a variety of activities including a key sporting event, the coronation of a king and queen, an awkward dance in a poorly lit gymnasium, and more awkward freshman initiation activities.

So as the new Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Fund at SJND, when I was tasked with planning the 2013 SJND Homecoming celebration, I was a little nervous. I am thrilled to report however, that Homecoming at SJND is vastly different than my own experience. It was so much better! 

Upon reflecting on the week of sporting events and the big barbeque in the Quad, I realized the reason it was so much better is because SJND truly values and prioritizes community. They invite community. And by community, I mean everyone—current students, alumni, parents, family, parishioners and friends.

The resulting event is a Homecoming focused on building and reconnecting with our SJND community. It’s about SJND alumni remembering where they came from, as well as looking ahead to the promising futures of current SJND students. It’s about fostering those relationships between our students and the thousands of alumni who came before. It’s about celebrating the Pilots and our long history of sporting success. More than anything, it’s gathering during Thanksgiving week to give thanks to one another and to God for blessing us with this amazing network of friends and family. So, thank you SJND for showing me the true meaning and purpose of Homecoming.

The celebration kicked off the evening before Thanksgiving, when about 100 people came to play and to watch the Pilots vs. Alumni women’s and men’s soccer teams at Hornet Field. Alumnae women who returned included: Adriana Diaz ’02, Alessandra Zambrano ’13, Erica Jasso ’08, Elizabeth Avalos ’12, Amanda Edwards ’12, Regina Hurley ’12, Alyssa Sibal ’09, Elyse Pearata ’07, Noelle Perata ’10, Jenna Vacca ’13, Natalie DeLeon ’07, Karina Meyers ’13, Elsa Seiwald ’07, Michelle Seiwald ’13, Mado Seiwald ’09, Brittany McClintock ’13, Arianna Borsoni ’09, Domineh Sohrabi ’13, Claudia Rocha ’08 and Kimberly Avalos ’13.

Alumni who turned out for the men’s game  included: David Sheehan ’02, Jonathan Sheehan ’97, Derricke Brown ’96, Gus Perez ’91, Joseph Vacca ’09, Rafael Perez ’87, Gabe Silvers ’07, Scott Fowler ’08, Felipe Castillo ’80, Michael Molinari ’08, Robert Cate ’06, Reinhard Cate ’03, Boris Grogg ’07, Paul Perez ’08, Brian Hughes ’08, Alberto Salinas ’12, Angelo Sibal ’13, Angel Hernandez ’12, Justin Deierling ’13, Isidro Enriquez ’13, Antonio Ramirez ’12, Luis Alvarez ’08, Alejandro Alvarez ’12, Jesus Alvarez ’10, Alex Mason ’99, Loren Urtula ’11, James Mason ’98, Tavis Mason ’02, Javier Alvarez ’03, Jon Gordon ’96, Martin Franco ’08 and David Gordon ’02.

Then, the night after Thanksgiving, Kelly Gymnasium was packed with parents, friends, alumni and student players and fans for the alumni basketball games. The games were fast-paced and exciting, and the alumni cheer squad reunited to cheer the players on, including a spirited performance of the favorite cheer, “We Tell a Story,” led by Cerise Pecoraro ’12.

After the games, several hundred Pilots crossed Chestnut Street to the Quad, where folks warmed their hands around fire pits and gathered under Christmas lights for hotdogs and beer. It was a lovely and spirited evening, as friends and families reunited on the SJND campus.

Alumni players for the men’s JV basketball game included: Joe Nelson ’93, Marc Voisenat ’13, D.J. Oster ’13, Konig Johnson ’90, Jon Musson ’99, Jon Gordon ’96, Rene Jacques ’98, Luigi DiRuocco ’94, Nate Murase ’98, Victor Harris ’95, Deonte Mims ’09, Bobby Giron ’78 and Martin Bond ’91. The Alums won, 48-47.

Coached by Julie Guevarra, the alumnae players for the women’s basketball game included: Fiona Kanady ’13, Meghann Kanady ’05, Rose Lassalle-Klein ’13, Katie O’Loughlin ’13, Akaela Magno-Ordinario ’13, Jessica de Mesa ’12, Stefanie Shephard ’09, Sara Borelli ’91, Princess Tacorda ’04, Monina Cuyugan ’11, Geena Serles ’10 and Ashlee Wood ’11. The Pilots beat the alumnae, 33-29.

Coached by former Pilots assistant coach Gordie Johnson and Jon Musson ’99, alumni players for the men’s varsity basketball game included: Allan Hester ’05, Deonte Mims ’09, Joshua Norman ’13, Adrian McCollough ’97, Marc Voisenat ’13, Joe Mitchell ’05, James LaFollette ’13, Sean Harding ’11, Joel  Siapnio ’10, Ari Warmerdam ’02 and Marcel Williams ’02. The Alums won, 57-42.

A special thank you to the Alumni Council, parents and other volunteers who helped make this year’s Homecoming celebration possible: Harold Boscovich ’59, Jamila Casimere-Smith, Veronica Conroy, Bill Crittondon ’63, Mila dela Resma, Cynthia La Croix, James Lee ’64, Steve Mullin, Ken Rodrigues, Kerry Plain ’70, Phil Sandri ’83, Sue and Glenn Yajko, Deana Karch, Nilda Voisenat and Ari Warmerdam ’02.