Marielle Heller ’97 Receives Inaugural Moms-in-Film Award | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Marielle Heller ’97 Receives Inaugural Moms-in-Film Award

Moms-in-Film (MiF), an organization founded to energize the careers of mothers in film and TV, celebrated its one-year anniversary at The Players Club in New York on April 18. The bi-coastal organization chose to honor writer-director and SJND alumna Marielle Heller ’97, whose film “Diary of a Teenage Girl” ignited audiences at Sundance and Berlin, and whose upcoming film “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” stars Melissa McCarthy. Director Ana Asensio and actress Emily Bergl were among the event’s speakers; Broadway star Kat Cunning provided the entertainment.

MiF fights for “the rights of working parents of all genders in the film and television industry,” by providing community, funding, and advocacy. In accepting her award, Marielle said,

I do talk about what it means to be a mom and to be a director, and to be finding other people who are trying to do the same thing. How difficult that is. And how do we bring these parts of ourselves back together - these two halves of ourselves - the creative half that means so much to me and that's been there my whole life, and the mother self which is so new. And I think it's really amazing that everybody here is wanting to honor these two parts of ourselves and how they work together. And I love having kids here while we're talking about all this stuff, and that nobody's annoyed by that. It's really important. I want more kids on set. The more we talk about this the more we will change the face of things. This isn't something we have to hide.