A Month for Milestone Reunions! | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


A Month for Milestone Reunions!

The Classes of 1970 and 1975 celebrated milestone reunions this past month in true Pilot spirit.

For their 45th reunion, Kerry Plain O’Hara ’70 hosted a potluck at her lovely home in Alameda where almost 50% of the class attended. Special guests and former faculty Phil Gravem and Rod Arriaga attended as well as former Principal Tony Aiello. It is rumored the Class of 1970 started their celebration at 2:00 pm and did not see the last guests leave until 11:30 pm! Needless to say, they had a wonderful time reconnecting and sharing memories. To see photos, visit the class Facebook page

Led by planner Chivon Kemp-Stephenson ’75 with help from Katherine Hagan Hoffman ’75 and Debbie Goff Damele ’75, the class of 1975 celebrated their 40th at Pasta Pelican. After a delicious buffet dinner, prizes were awarded for those who traveled the furthest, for those who had new grandchildren and who had recently retired. Yvonne Rivera traveled the furthest, all the way from Puerto Rico. Ken Gianotti and Kevin Neiland had a great time razzing one another about whether or not it was proper to address Mr. Aiello as “Tony”. Kevin was on the strong side of no saying “He’s Mr. Aiello to you Gianotti.” Photos are posted on the class facebook page.

THANK YOU! SJND is truly grateful to the classes of 1970 and 1975 for coordinating a reunion class gift as a part of their celebrations. Your contributions help SJND students succeed academically and give them the opportunity to make lasting Pilot friendships they too can cherish forever.