Mr. McKee Presents Artistic Behavior and Choice at National Art Conference | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Mr. McKee Presents Artistic Behavior and Choice at National Art Conference

Faculty member Andy McKee traveled to New York last month to present at the National Art Education Association conference. His presentation was on Skills-Based Choice/Teaching Artistic Behavior for high school students in art.

Teaching Artistic Behavior (TAB) describes an art program open to student-directed art projects, rather than the traditional teacher-led group projects. SJND sent Andy and Mr. Mark Ritter to the NAEA conference three years ago, where Andy was introduced to the idea of student-directed assignments and the focus on training students to think and act like artists. “On several occasions I'd have a student who loved to make art, but would fail at turning work in on time or would feel cramped and uninspired by my assignments,” Andy said.

While SJND already had a well-formed TAB program, neither teacher realized that there was a new movement of pedagogy in support of it. TAB programs place importance not only upon the final project, but the whole process: the development of ideas, revising and finalizing compositions, making the art, and then reflecting on the success of the work.

After attending the 2014 conference, Andy was inspired to present. For the past three years he’s been experimenting with different curriculum models to expand student choice in projects and develop self-directed creative thought, while retaining the skill development necessary to be successful at the high school level. He submitted a proposal to present his findings and share his experience at the 2017 NAEA conference, and was accepted. He presented on the opening day of the conference.

Andy says he appreciates learning what is new in the world of art and education, and is thankful for the support of SJND and the community who raise the funds for important teacher professional development opportunities.