New Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Chand Desai | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


New Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Chand Desai

Chand Desai

SJND Welcomes Dr. Desai to our Science Department.

Dr. Desai grew up in San Francisco, graduating from Lowell High School. After receiving his Bachelor's in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley, he continued his education to earn a PhD in Biology from MIT. Dr. Desai did post-doctoral research at Caltech and then directed a basic research lab at Vanderbilt University. He started teaching science and research in 2003 at Martin Luther King High School in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. Desai instructs our AP Physics, Physics and Coding classes at SJND. He appreciates the support of his fellow SJND faculty and administrators, and the effort put into creating a campus community of learning that is centered on our students. Outside of teaching, his interests include Jimi Hendrix, bike riding, cooking, and our environment and its changing climate. His advice for his students: "Do more than the minimum. Learn for life, not for the test. Connect what you learn in one class to what you learn in your others."