New Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Adam Chaffey | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


New Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Adam Chaffey

SJND welcomed Mr. Adam Chaffey to our Theology Department this year.

Mr. Chaffey attended school in rural Australia in a region known for growing oranges, wheat, grapes and rice. He went on to study classical percussion and education at the Sydney Conservatory of Music, and then pursued a Masters of Theology at Newcastle University. Prior to SJND, Mr. Chaffey taught science and history at Queen of All Saints in Concord. As a member of SJND’s faculty, he instructs Understanding Catholic Christianity, Hebrew Scriptures, and Faith In Action. He has also served as the St. Joseph Basilica Youth Ministry Coordinator since 2011. His goal as a teacher is to present a variety of opinions and allow students to discover their own road and passion.

He recalls a day when his class of freshmen students was talking about the book of Matthew. He asked the class "Who is the book of Matthew primarily about?” One student answered "Jesus,” and the student behind her added, "Well, the entire New Testament is about Jesus.” Then a third student said, "The Old Testament is continually pointing towards Jesus, so really the whole Bible is about Jesus.” Mr. Chaffey says "It's when students are able to make the connections and see the big picture that you feel gratified in knowing that we are creating intellectual and faith-filled individuals.”

His advice to students is to allow time for self-reflection, learn a musical instrument and take the time to find what you love, then pursue it with a passion. He likes to tell others that he was engaged to his wife after eight days of meeting and has been happily married for ten years - that there is nothing wrong with going for what you love.