Pitch Perfect: Economics Students Compete for Investors | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Pitch Perfect: Economics Students Compete for Investors

This fall in Ryan Rosso’s Economics class, students worked in groups creating small business plans to demonstrate their understanding of numerous economic concepts. As a culminating project, students pitched their businesses to mock investors (consisting of students, faculty and staff).

In considering their choices for investment, our SJND investors accounted for the market, business differentiators, cost, revenue, and profit projections, and potential for growth. Students offered a wide variety of business models and services: a non-profit focused on urban restoration (Eco-Salvage Investors); a theater company (Lauren Rosi Theater); an app where you can get your Jordans and other products 30 days in advance of stores’ release (Early Birds); online architectural and interior design services (A&J Design); and several others.

After the anonymous ballots were counted, Over-The-Top (OTP) Wedding Planning, led by students Sean Obligacion ’15 and Reina Tengan ’15, emerged victorious. Asked what they took away from the project, OTP leaders offered, “Through this project, we not only learned the realistic elements of planning a small business, but we learned how difficult it is to create and start a small business, even in the smaller scale project we had. We chose to be wedding planners because we thought it would be a unique business where there's something different every event. We loved the idea of putting enough creativity into each wedding so that no two events were alike. Like any project, we were both insanely nervous to present. By picking a business that we both found interesting, we were both able to speak honestly about our business in an effective way.”