Principal's Message, May 2014 | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Principal's Message, May 2014

Simon Chiu

Thank you to those of you who took time to fill out our parent survey. We closed the survey in the middle of April and will now take time to review the feedback and examine the ways we can continue to improve as a school. I value the feedback we get each year from you and will look for appropriate ways to share that feedback with our administrators, teachers, vendors and staff members.

May is a time of transitions for every school as we prepare to say goodbye to our seniors and departing staff members as well as plan for the arrival of our new frosh students. I want to take some time to announce some staff and administrator changes. Within the office of Institutional Advancement, our Director of Communications, Mary McInerney, announced her departure in early April. Our Assistant Principal of Student Life, Jean Kuznik, announced in late March that she will not be returning next year. I thank both of them for their work on behalf of our students and parents. I want to especially thank Mrs. Kuznik for the many ways she served and ministered to our students in our ASB and CLT programs as well as the many ways she helped you, our parents, in learning how to live with and parent teenage children. We will have a few changes in the teaching faculty for the coming year. As always, these changes will be communicated in a letter home during the summer.

As we enter May, my thoughts turn to two groups of students -- those preparing to take their AP exams and, of course, our graduating seniors. I send them my best wishes as our AP students prepare to take this most important culminating exam and our seniors look forward to celebrating their time here at SJND and moving forward to college. I hope you will join me in my prayers for these two groups of students.

My thanks to all of you for your partnership with SJND as we all travel on this journey of educating your children. All of us who work here love our work because we get to teach your children, helping to grow and mature and achieve and be the best people they can be. We keep our eyes each day on the words of our mission statement, which call us to “develop confident, open-minded, generous leaders.” We take this goal seriously and embrace it with all of the resources we bring to bear each day in serving your children. Let’s finish the year strong and look forward to a restful and transformative summer break. Go Pilots!