SJND National Art Honor Society Inducts New Members | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


SJND National Art Honor Society Inducts New Members

Kelley Zerga '08 speaks at the 2018 NAHS Induction Ceremony.

On Thursday, January 25, the Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School National Art Honor Society held its annual Induction Ceremony. This elegant event was engaging, inspiring and fun for all involved, kicking off with postcard-making and mural art for guests, while socializing and sharing homemade desserts. Visual and Performing Arts Department head and NAHS Chapter Director Mark Ritter opened the ceremony by inviting Principal Ken Jennings to speak about his personal connection to the visual arts. NAHS President Chanelle Bautista ‘18 led the remainder of the ceremony with the assistance of NAHS Vice President Cristelle Hugo ‘18, awarding red carnations to the new inductees.

Each year, the NAHS invites a guest artist to speak to SJND’s honors art students about his or her artistic journey and professional visual arts career. Kelley Zerga ‘08, a web and product designer, gave an exciting presentation in which she discussed how her experiences in art classes at SJND impacted her current practices as a professional. She also explained the constantly evolving field of web design and why artists need to keep up with current trends. Recently, Zerga has been doing work in the relatively new field of product design, working with teams to create sets of tools for companies to create and post content on their websites.

For the final activity of the evening, NAHS members, some of their parents and Zerga posed for photos in front of a green screen wearing a black bowler cap and coat. These images will be used to recreate a version of Surrealist artist Rene Magritte's famous work “Golconda,” featuring a backdrop of Marianist Hall and NAHS members and guests from the 2017 and 2018 inductions.

Congratulations to the new inductees!