SJND Unveils Cutting-Edge One Button Studio | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


SJND Unveils Cutting-Edge One Button Studio

Students test out the new One Button Studio at SJND.

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School is excited to announce the opening of our One Button Studio in Marianist Hall. A component of our new IDEA (Innovation, Design, Engineering, Art) Lab, this transformed studio outfitted with soundproof materials and high quality video equipment will function as an in-house recording studio for SJND students and faculty.

The One Button Studio (OBS), a concept originally created by Penn State University, is an easy-to-use tool which allows users to record a wide variety of videos with the push of “One Button.” To begin the recording process, a user inserts a thumb drive into a USB port on the cart. This turns on the lights and activates the camera and the OBS program. When ready, the user can press the One Button which triggers a 10 second countdown to begin the shoot. When done, the user presses the button once more to end the recording and compress the video to MP4 format that is saved to the thumb drive.

A look at the new One Button Studio setup.

“We chose to build the [One Button Studio] to engage more teachers and students in alternative means of assessment,” explained Mr. Andy McKee, Director of Integration and Technology. “Students and teachers alike are eager to record their debates, essays, interviews, monologues, speeches and presentations in the studio,” he added.

Mr. McKee walks students through how to use the new One Button Studio.

We look forward to watching all of the great student-created One Button Studio videos to come! To learn more about the One Button Studio and to see it’s transformation from under-utilized storage space to to full-functioning studio, click here.

Thank you to the donors who helped bring the One Button Studio and other IDEA Lab equipment to life via contributions to the HEDCO foundation grant match.