Students' Justice and Peace Project Helps Family | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Students' Justice and Peace Project Helps Family

Zack Alldridge and Maddie Doud

When Zachary Alldridge '14 learned that one of the students in his carpool was struggling because her mother was recently diagnosed with a grave illness, he went to work. He and Maddie Doud '14 decided to turn a class project for Justice and Peace into a way to help the SJND family. 


The project took the simple idea of selling green wristbands imprinted with "Together Wehe Stand" - a salute to the family's name and a statement of support - as a quiet way of showing solidarity for the family. They sold wristbands to students and faculty for $3 each, and the effort grew popular, with friends and supporters taking the Wehes' cause up and selling wristbands outside of school. Zack and Maddie have raised close to $1,500 for the family. Initially, their goal was $500.

"We just wanted to help," said Maddie. "We're all busy with college apps and volleyball and exams, but how can you say no?"

There are still wristbands available, and the effort continues for the Wehes. "We thought it would be a good idea to raise money for them," said Zachary. "And everytime I think about how hard it is for them, I'm glad we did."