A Trip to Alameda’s Crab Cove with AP Environmental Science | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


A Trip to Alameda’s Crab Cove with AP Environmental Science

Eileen Rhatigan ’17 says, “I really enjoy the labs that we do in APES because while they connect to environmental issues, they are also engaging and connect to real-life situations, such as the Nitrogen Cycle. Being in APES creates a greater awareness of how humans are treating the earth and learning to live more sustainably, perhaps by saving water or remembering to sort your trash.”

In SJND’s AP Environmental Science (“APES”) course, students use scientific principles to understand the interrelationships of the natural world, identify and analyze environmental problems, evaluate the relative risks associated with these problems, and examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing them. Students complete labs, activities and field experiences which include biodiversity study, waste management, and water quality studies.

APES students recently completed a field study in which they identified species of trees and measured tree diameter size at Alameda’s Crab Cove.  From that data, they were able to calculate the above-ground biomass and the tons of carbon stored in a hectare of that forest.

The school’s island location is an advantage for experience-based learning and a diverse educational experience for students. SJND’s science program builds career skills for the outside world, such as group-based projects and teamwork, data analysis and results reporting.