Crystal Cajilog '07 | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School

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Crystal Faith Cajilog

Crystal Cajilog '07

Crystal juggled three jobs to stay afloat as a student at UC Santa Cruz, as well as a full load of classes. She was chosen as the speaker for her college graduation, because of her humanity, kindness and hard work on campus. Today, she works with low-income dual diagnosis patients, and every day is a challenge; however, she still looks to the leadership skills she developed in high school to assist her in setting her patients up for success.

“Whether I’m in case conferences with a patient and their treatment teams, or developing a patient-centered treatment plan, I attribute my ability to do such things to the time I spent learning them in high school,” she added. “I did not know it at the time, but SJND taught me to speak the universal language of leadership, a language that is pertinent in life.”

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